Important Questions to Ask an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

Communication is key to establishing a healthy professional relationship between a client and their attorney. So, if you need to hire an Atlanta personal injury attorney, feel free to ask them as many questions as you find necessary to assess their ability to offer effective legal representation. Maybe you go injured while working for someone, and you need help pursuing compensation for losses and damages. Asking the right questions will ensure you hire an attorney who can deliver on their promise.

What's Your Legal Specialty?

A legal specialty on the part of an attorney is the field of law to which they commit almost 100% of their practice. For instance, a personal injury lawyer that represents patients who claim that actions or inaction of their doctor, surgeon, nurse, or hospital resulted in them suffering injury or infection can consider their practice to be medical negligence.

But if you're injured while meeting your official responsibilities to your employer, the attorney you may need to see is the one that specializes in workers compensation law. So, always know what exact legal specialty your Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney is before hiring them.

Are Your Familiar With Atlanta Personal Injury Law?

You need to speak with an attorney who practices locally in your state. The attorney from should have a perfect grasp of your state's personal injury law. That's the only way that can easily tell what legal provisions to leverage and support your claims.

How Long Have You Been Practicing Your Legal Specialty?

Prowess in court as well as out of court comes with practical experience. So, a lawyer may have attended a prestigious law school, but there are so many skills and tricks that are learnt while on the job. You don't want to be the client that a personal injury attorney is counting on to gain practical experience. Pick someone who has been doing it for a long while. Choose an expert who understands local legal processes and courts.


How much is the lawyer asking you to pay for representation? In many personal injury cases, your attorney won't ask any upfront fees. If they know your case has a chance, they'll take it and hope to get paid when you are.

Don't hesitate to obtain all the answers you seek from an Atlanta personal injury attorney you need to hire. If they can answer your questions satisfactorily, you'll be picking someone with the ability to help you pursue justice successfully.